CIYEC Holds China-US Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable

Updated: 2024-06-21

The China-US Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable, co-hosted by the China International Youth Exchange Center (CIYEC) and the China Youth Entrepreneurs Association (CYEA), was held in Beijing on June 14. Over 30 young entrepreneurs from China and the United States, representing fields such as biotechnology, healthcare, financial investment, green technology, and education, engaged in in-depth discussions on the theme of "Innovation and Cooperation for a Shared Future".


In his opening remarks, Chen Peng, Deputy Director of the CIYEC, emphasized the crucial role of China-US economic and trade cooperation in fostering healthy bilateral relations. He highlighted the significant responsibility of young entrepreneurs from both nations in promoting peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation. The CIYEC will actively serve as a bridge to facilitate dialogue and cooperation among young entrepreneurs, contributing to the development of China-US relations, he said.

Wang Qi, Deputy Secretary-General of the CYEA, said that young entrepreneurs are the driving force behind technological innovation, economic development and social progress. According to Wang, the CYEA will strive to focus on emerging areas of cooperation between China and the US, enhancing mutual understanding and experience sharing to support healthy economic collaboration.

Ling Clarence Chun Kit, Chairman of the Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association in Hong Kong, noted that the visit broadened the horizons of US young entrepreneurs, providing firsthand insights into China's business and entrepreneurial environment. This deepened their understanding of the importance of China-US exchange and cooperation for mutual benefit, and built a pragmatic bridge for collaboration, he said. Gonzalo Alberto, CEO and Co-Founder of, lauded China's impressive advancements in biomedicine and artificial intelligence, expressing hope of collaborating with Chinese companies in biotechnology. Julian Nigel, Founder and CEO of Cred Protocol, emphasized the critical role of talent in corporate development and praised Chinese companies for their efforts in nurturing young talent and expanding their international perspectives.

Sun Zhenxiang, Partner at the China-US Green Fund, expounded on the practical efforts in promoting green industry development and constructing a framework for China-US green cooperation, which garnered significant interest from the US representatives. Dong Bo, Chairman of Beijing Kr Star Innovation Information Technology Co., Ltd., expressed a commitment to more actively linking domestic and international innovation resources to support China-US youth innovation, entrepreneurship, and international cooperation.

The young entrepreneurs from both countries noted that the face-to-face in-depth exchanges enhanced their understanding of each other. They said they are committed to leveraging their advantages in their respective fields, advocating for innovative cooperation, promoting technological exchange and sharing, and jointly addressing global challenges, in order to facilitate the building of an open world economy, bringing tangible benefits to the peoples of both nations, and making greater contributions to world peace and development.

The roundtable is part of the thematic exchange activities of the 'Bridge of the Future' China-U.S. Youth Exchange Program in economic and trade cooperation. From June 10 to 16, the US representatives visited enterprises and conducted exchange activities in cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.