Coordinator of Jacques Delors Institutes Visits CIYEC

Updated: 2023-12-18

Zhang Hua, Director of the China International Youth Exchange Center (CIYEC), met with Pascal Lamy, Coordinator of the Jacques Delors Institutes (Paris, Berlin, Brussels) and former director-general of the World Trade Organization, at the center on Dec 12.

Zhang welcomed Lamy on his visit, and briefed him on the CIYEC’s efforts in deepening international cooperation among young entrepreneurs. He said that under the current situation, it is of great importance to have a balanced perspective on economic integration and globalization, to build more platforms for international communication and cooperation, enhance unity and build consensus, and to guide young entrepreneurs in actively promoting global economic recovery.

Zhang noted that the CIYEC is willing to maintain communication and strengthen cooperation with the Jacques Delors Institutes (Paris, Berlin, Brussels), to provide more youth energy for enhancing the stability of global economic development.

Noting that current international situation is complex and changing with multiple crises, and that global development is facing tough challenges, Lamy said it is an increasingly urgent need to increase dialogues and cooperation and manage disputes properly, as well as to promote positive energy through youth engagement.

He gave positive comments on the CIYEC’s initiative to establish the International Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs Associations, and expressed the hope to work with the CIYEC to explore new ways to deepen practical cooperation between Europe and China.

The head of the Economical Cooperation Department of the CIYEC also attended the meeting.