First Plenary Session of IAYEA Held in Zhongshan

Updated: 2023-10-08

The first plenary session of the International Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs Associations (IAYEA) was held in Zhongshan, South China’s Guangdong Province, from September 24 to 26. Representatives of founding members, prospective members and observers from 29 countries and regions attended the session.


At the session, the plenary adopted the Articles of the IAYEA. Members of the first executive committee of the IAYEA elected and members of the IAYEA secretariat have also been elected and confirmed.

In the three-day event, participants held lively discussions on such issues as the responsibility of the executive committee and the operating mechanism of the secretariat. They reached extensive consensus after in-depth exchanges on establishing auxiliary bodies such as advisory groups, youth development funds and strategic partners.

Delegates shared a unanimous agreement of the pressing global challenges, including the severe recession, headwinds facing economic globalization, and the challenges and risks emerging from the global supply and industrial chains. They urged immediate and unprecedented cooperation of the international community to boost confidence and promote economic recovery.

The IAYEA was established at the opportune moment, providing a new stage for meaningful pragmatic cooperation among young entrepreneurs from diverse countries and regions. This development is a catalyst for guiding young entrepreneurs towards collaborative innovation, consolidating strengths, and fostering harmony towards mutually beneficial development.

The delegates expressed confidence that under framework of the IAYEA, the organizations and members will usher in a new phase of cooperation and dialogue, playing an active role in fostering an open world economy and advancing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The plenary was co-chaired by Zhang Hua, Director of the China International Youth Exchange Center (CIYEC), and Jia Tiesong, Deputy Director of the CIYEC. The CIYEC and the IAYEA also jointly held a series of thematic activities on economic and trade cooperation. Additionally, the International Young Entrepreneurs Friendship Forest was planted to signify the solidarity among members, and on-site visits to local businesses were arranged. Approximately 200 young entrepreneurs from all over the world attended these events.