Announcement for Soliciting 2023 Summer Internship Opportunities for International Students in China

Updated: 2023-04-24

According to the work plan, the China International Youth Exchange Center will continue the program of "Internship for International Students in Chinese Enterprises" during the summer of 2023. We are now inviting domestic enterprises to offer summer internship positions for international students in China, the detailed information is as follows:

I. Eligible Applicants

Medium-sized and above enterprises with internship needs

II. Internship Duration

From July to August 2023, no less than two full months

III. Internship Candidates

International students studying for a bachelor's degree or above in China

IV. Requirements for Applicants

1. Positions in the fields of scientific research, production, management, public relations, infrastructure building, the economy and trade, journalism and communications will be favorable.

2. Enterprises should assist international students in applying for an internship visa and sign an internship agreement with them.

3. Enterprises should cover the students' accommodation and offer appropriate food and transportation allowances during the internship

4. In principle, each enterprise should receive no less than two international student interns.

5. Enterprises should conduct pre-job training for interns and issue internship certificates after the internship is completed.

6. Enterprises interested in the program should fill in the position collection form and provide their corporate profile in both Chinese and English, a copy of the business license and a copy of the ID card of the legal representative.

V. Deadline for Collection

May 19, 2023 (The results will be fed back to enterprises by mid-June)

VI. Contacts

Organizer: CIYEC International Students Department

Contact: 010-64640026

Ms. Zhao (010-64683311 ext. 3318)

Ms. Liu (010-64683311 ext. 3163)