My First Architectural Designs

Updated: 2022-09-13

China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC) is a leading global comprehensive service provider of ultra-large infrastructure. It is the world's largest port design and construction company, as well as its largest highway and bridge design and building company, largest dredging company, largest container crane manufacturing company and largest offshore oil drilling platform design company.

Nang Lao Wan Hsi, a student from Myanmar who majors in Architectural Design at Chongqing University, worked as a construction management assistant at the CCCC in Foshan, South China's Guangdong Province, this summer.

"At school, we usually make architectural drawings in the classroom, and there is no opportunity to learn on the spot," she said, adding that the internship gave her an opportunity to conduct field research.

She said she has benefited a lot from the internship, and noted that she will now spend more time polishing her architectural drawings to ensure smooth construction.

The video is from the "My Internship Story -- Recording corporate internships for international students in China" activity.