CIYEC Awards Winners of "Viewing China" Mobile Short Video Contest for Foreign Youth

Updated: 2022-05-06

The "Viewing China" Mobile Short Video Contest for Foreign Youth, hosted by the China International Youth Exchange Center, has collected a great many excellent short videos from foreign youth in China. The contest is an effort to shape global narratives for telling China's stories.

Young people from 39 countries have showed the world a real, multi-dimensional, comprehensive picture of China through short videos. The jury selected 22 winning works and two excellent co-organizers. The list of awards is as follows. Some of the best videos have been shown on the Study China channel of the China Daily website.

Star Prize

A day at Beijing Anzhen Hospital

[Jordan] Mahmoud Yousef Ibrahim Abuharb

Watch it here

First Prize

Talk to me I used to be

[Canada] Steven Suddaby

Watch it here


[South Korea] Lee Sun-mi

Watch it here

Second Prize

Reasons to love China

[Pakistan] Muhammad Shahid Anwar

Watch it here


[Bangladesh] Sultana Tahomina

Special graduation season

[Uzbekistan] Uchkun Sayfitdinov

Watch it here

Third Prize

Studying Abroad

[Madagascar] Mamitiana Roger Razanajatovo

My life studying in China

[South Korea] Song Chan-hyuk

Watch it here

Warm China

[Malaysia] Ng Ming Hwee

Watch it here

My journey studying in China

[Thailand] Wongngam Miss Kanokphon

Watch it here

The rise of China in the Internet age

[South Korea] Kim Ji-eun

Watch it here

Honorable Mention

China, My Second Home

[Pakistan] Muhammad Abbas

One day as an Employee

[South Korea] Jung Yoo-jin

Internship at a pet company

[Bangladesh] Jason Chowdhury

Watch it here

China I feel

[Indonesia] Kelly Chandra Wijaya

Watch it here

Memories of China

[Zimbabwe] Don Tanaka Tawodzera

Watch it here

Sports Meet

[Laos] Laosil Malina

My daily life studying in China

[Malaysia] Nicole Liew Phei Syn

Watch it here

My college life

[Republic of the Congo] Jos Dorian Lawson Mfoundou

Watch it here

My Favorite Moments in China

[Nigeria] Alison David Shingu

This is China

[Afghanistan] Danish Hikmatullah

Watch it here

My love for Chinese culture

[Namibia] Shikomba Tuyakula Wilhelmina

Watch it here

Excellent Organizers

Hebei North University

Dalian Polytechnic University