Young Chinese Invited to Share Stories about Zero-Carbon Efforts

Updated: 2021-06-21

With China announcing its ambition of reaching peak carbon emissions before 2030 and becoming carbon neutral before 2060, the China International Youth Exchange Center (CIYEC) is inviting young Chinese to share stories about carbon emissions reduction, as they work in concert with the government's efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind and achieve sustainable development.

By involving young Chinese people in the journey towards zero-carbon development, this initiative is designed to lead them in contributing to China's carbon goals, showcasing China's concept of green development to the world, and memorializing their efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

I. Topic

Zero-Carbon Future • Youth Responsibility

II. Participants

Young Chinese at home and abroad (for individuals or groups).

III. Period

This long-term collection activity started in June 2021. There is no time limit.

IV. Requirements

1. The story should focus on a vivid topic and creative content which can demonstrate "Chinese solutions", "Chinese wisdom" and the "Chinese spirit".

2. Participants and their employers have long been committed to sustainability, and have produced practical results that have been approved by society.

3. Themes may include -- but are not limited to -- energy structure transformation, pollution prevention and control, resource conservation and utilization, ecological restoration and protection, sustainable consumption and production patterns, ecological civilization governance, and environmental education.

V. Shortlist

The screening will involve phone calls and a review of written materials. After both sides reach an agreement, the CIYEC will arrange for interviews.

VI. Media Coverage

The CIYEC has invited reporters from mainstream media outlets including the China Daily website and China Today to conduct in-depth interviews from different angles. In addition to news stories, there will be pictures and video products as well, all of which will be in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and other languages.

Ⅶ. Application

Contacts: Xin Pengda, Li Miao, CIYEC Economical Cooperation Department

Phone Number: 010-64640765


Attachment: Application Form