Platform for International Youth Cultural Exchange Launched on World Book Day

Updated: 2021-04-23

The China International Youth Exchange Center (CIYEC) rolled out a platform for international youth cultural exchanges and initiated a themed reading activity on April 23, the 26th World Book Day. More than 200 people including Chinese college students, overseas students in China and young readers took part in the event.

It was co-hosted by CIYEC, China Youth Publishing Group (CYPG), China Children's Press and Publication Group (CCPPG) and the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF).

Focusing on the connection between reading, social progress and youth development, the event aimed at energizing the newly-built platform for international youth cultural exchanges through reading activities and further exploring and boosting the integration of cultural programs and cultural industries.


Representatives of the organizers and guests jointly unveil the platform for international youth cultural exchanges on April 23.

Wang Yijun, Party Secretary of the CIYEC, noted in his speech that building such a platform is a must to promote international youth exchanges, a useful practice to promote people-to-people diplomacy among young people, and a carrier of culture to lead and serve their growth.

Wang hoped that more independent foreign affairs projects for young people will be conducted to help overseas student enhance their understanding of China by allowing them to participate in the actual economic and social activities in the country. 

He highlighted the active participation of Gen-Zs, who were born in the mid-to-late 1990s into the early 2010s, in the Belt and Road Initiative construction and in building a community with a shared future for mankind.

President of the CYPG Pi Jun, President of the CCPPG Sun Zhu, and Vice President of the CYDF Yang Xiaoyu on behalf of co-organizers addressed the event, which was themed on promoting the revolutionary spirit and the notion of a shared future for mankind and optimizing book resources for young people. Han Lei, Editor-in-Chief of, shared her opinions at the event on how to tell stories of international youth exchanges through new media platforms.

Hao Xianghong, Director of the CIYEC, introduced the significance of building an international youth cultural exchange platform and related implementation plans. 

Misha, an international student pursuing a master's degree at the University of International Business and Economics, and Xue Yuyan, a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge, made speeches on learning and promoting Chinese culture from the perspective of young people at home and abroad.

A shared reading activity was also held after the launching ceremony. Liang Xiaosheng, a famous Chinese writer and winner of Mao Dun Literature Prize -- one of the four highest literature awards in China -- shared his stories and experience.


Famous Chinese Writer Liang Xiaosheng (L) communicates with the activity host during the April 23 event.