Recruiting "Viewing China" Mobile Short Video Contest for Foreign Youth

Updated: 2021-03-31

"Viewing China" Mobile Short Video Contest for Foreign Youth, organized by China International Youth Exchange Center (the organizer), is recruiting excellent short videos from foreign youth in China. Foreign youth are welcome to record the wonderful moments of work, study and life with mobile phones and present the contemporary China in progress from your perspective. The details are as follows:

I. Participants

Foreign youth living in China.

II. Procedure

1. Recruitment (By June 18th 2021)

Participants can register and upload videos via the Internet.

2. Screening

The qualified videos can be screened at media platforms of the organizer. 

3. Final Screening and Awarding

Final screening, reviewing and awarding ceremony will be accomplished by the organizer.

III. Requirements

1. All videos should truly record the current situation of studying, working and living in China, also in Chinese or English with Chinese subtitles that last from 30 to 90 seconds.

2. All the videos should be original, legal and comfort to public order and customs. The authors of the videos should take the legal responsibility for copyright and portrait rights.

3. The submission format of the videos is H.264. The code stream is not less than 8M. The format of the videos is MP4. The frame size is not less than 1920*1080.

4. Authors of all works participating in this contest have the right of copyright and authorship, organizers have the right of permanent use (including for album, exhibition, publication, media and network publicity, etc.). No additional remuneration will be paid.

IV. Awards

There will be special prizes, first, second and third prizes in the contest. Prize winners will receive awards and certificates. All authors who have successfully shortlisted will receive a certificate of participation.

V. Submission

1. Submit videos and relevant certifications to

2. Title of Email: "Country +Name +Viewing China".

3. Contents: Name +Gender +Nationality + Organization/School + Phone number

4. Attached: Videos and “certification of students or working”

Attention: The organizer does not accept any form of Internet hard disk link for submission

5. Deadline: June 18th 2021

6. Contacts & WeChat: Mr. Guo Hongyu (JMKwok_23), Ms.Wang Zhan (Zenny2021).

7. Phone Number: 010-64664804,010-6460834