2020 Mitsubishi Electric China Youth Environmental Promotion Activity Concludes

Updated: 2020-11-10

The Mitsubishi Electric China Youth Environmental Promotion Activity in 2020, co-held by the China International Youth Exchange Center (CIYEC) and Japanese electronics manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric Corp, recently came to a close.

Themed on "creating a low-carbon society and recycling society", "maintaining public health safety", "biodiversity" and "intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing", the activity aimed to collect environmental protection projects of youth and youth groups aged 18-45.

By implementing the activity, young people were guided to participate in China's youth environmental public welfare undertakings and to raise their environmental awareness and sense of social responsibilities, both helpful in constructing a harmonious society and realizing the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

A large number of applications were received in the two categories of project subsidy and creativity subsidy. Selected by experts and judges, eight projects got project subsidy, and five teams and individuals won creativity subsidy.

Some projects focused on protecting the environment and increasing people's awareness of saving food; others came up with innovative technologies to turn waste into wealth and reduce environmental pollution.

The creativity subsidy was given to projects that put creative ideas into practice, such as a special trash bin for use in dormitories by university students that plays a role in protecting the environment on campus, or one that encourages intelligent thoughts at work that promote efficiency.

The lists are as follow:

2020 Mitsubishi Electric China Youth Environmental Promotion Activity

List of Environmental Project Subsidy 

First-Class Project

"Clear your plate" campaign in universities and colleges   Implementation Unit: "Clear your plate" Campaign University Consortium

Second-Class Projects

Coupling and strengthening separation of graphite associated with steel slag and utilization of high-value materials   Implementation Unit: Zhenxishidai Team of the China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing

BEExploring   Implementation Unit: Evergreen Center for Sustainable Development

Third-Class Projects

Carbon-fiber material used for NEVs with lightweight bodies made from waste PVC   Implementation Unit: Youth Environment Protection Team of China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing

Suifenhe City Environmental Science Popularization Activity on Dongning River Public-Welfare Protection Area   Implementation Unit: Environmental Education Society of Heilongjiang Province

Protection of Rural Ecological Resources and Construction of Anti-Epidemic Public Health Environment in Altay prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region   Implementation Unit: School of Chinese Language and Literature in Xinjiang University and its cooperating unit

Polar Bear Education of SinoCarbon Innovation & Investment Co Ltd   Implementation Unit: SinoCarbon Education & Training

Nature and City, You and Me—Volunteer Household Waste Classification Service Project   Implementation Unit: Beijing Hengzheng International Volunteer Service Team

2020 Mitsubishi Electric China Youth Environmental Promotion Activity

List of Environmental Creativity Subsidy

1. A Beautiful Earth   Applicant: Ma Xuan

2. The Wizard of Oz—A guide for the development of multiple types of intelligent controlled soil conditioners   Applicant: Li Yakun

3. Creative trash bin for use in dormitories   Applicant: Zhu Yumeng

4. Real environmental protection   Applicant: Jin Muwei

5. Eulogizing medical workers and protecting the environment   Applicants: Wang Jinglin, Zhou Xiuying