CIYEC, MSYO Hold Online Youth Meet-Up: Finding Opportunities amid the 'New Normal' of Epidemic Control

Updated: 2020-06-16


Youth representatives from China and Morocco participate in a video conference on June 6 themed around the "Global COVID-19 Fight", in order to explore development opportunities during the current pandemic situation. [Photo/]

More than 30 youth representatives from China and Morocco shared their insights into fighting the novel coronavirus during the "Global COVID-19 Fight: China-Morocco Youth Webinar" held on June 6. The event was hosted by the All-China Youth Federation, organized by the China International Youth Exchange Center (CIYEC), and supported by the Moroccan Socialist Youth Organization (MSYO).

As COVID-19 threatens to create economic, social and political upheaval globally, China and Morocco, though nearly 10,000 kilometers apart, face similar challenges and opportunities.

China has successfully reversed its domestic epidemic situation and made important contributions to world public health security; Morocco, in northwestern Africa, was quick to prevent the rapid spread of the epidemic, cutting off transmission of the virus across the Straits of Gibraltar.

The two countries have made significant progress in the resumption of work and production - but how to seek new opportunities in the context of epidemic prevention and control measures has become a topic of common concern for the youth of both nations.

Sayyid Bakari, a member of the MSYO National Committee, said that since Morocco declared a state of public health emergency in late March, the country has introduced a series of measures including a lockdown and flight suspensions.

He noted that while tightening anti-epidemic measures at home, China extended a well-timed helping hand to Morocco and donated a large number of medical supplies, adding that the socialist system has shown great superiority in the face of serious tests.


Sayyid Bakari, a member of the National Committee of the Moroccan Socialist Youth Organization, speaks at the China-Morocco Youth Webinar. [Photo/]

Kadiga Gozzoli, a member of the MSYO International Exchange Committee, spoke about her life over the last few months. Working with her teammates, she has spared no effort in providing volunteer services such as publicizing epidemic prevention information, collecting donations and medical supplies, and sending meals to families in need.

Moroccans are desperate to get their lives back on track, as the deadly virus has devastated the country's tourism and handicraft industries. Kadiga said she is eager to know what and how they are going to do.


Kadiga Gozzoli, a member of the International Exchange Committee of the MSYO, speaks at the China-Morocco Youth Webinar. [Photo/]

Facing the devastation of the COVID-19 epidemic, Deng Dinghuai, a young businessman from East China's Jiangxi province who used to run a media company, began cooperation with local suppliers and marketing cooperatives to sell Jiangxi's agricultural products through live-streaming, raising the profile of the local navel oranges, pickled fish, hairy crabs and other featured products.

Deng outlined the business transformation and development of his company, and invited Moroccan representatives to visit Jiangxi and taste the local delicacies. His company has withstood the impacts of the epidemic and realized business growth.


Deng Dinghuai, a young entrepreneur from East China's Jiangxi province, tells the story of his fight against the COVID-19 crisis. [Photo/]

Normalized pandemic control measures should focus on helping young people create the conditions for productive new work opportunities. In the current pandemic situation, the Chinese government has been promoting e-commerce and live-streaming sales to boost the economy, and has achieved fruitful results.

Qu Qiang,  a researcher of International Monetary Institute, Renmin University of China, said that since its beautiful scenery and delicious food have long enjoyed a good reputation, Morocco has a natural advantage in terms of marketing, and local young entrepreneurs can explore business opportunities online.

Many of the country's young people are working on developing emerging industries like online education, noted Sayyid, adding that as young people explore new forms of business, traditional sectors are also being supported by the government.

Storytelling is a thousand-year-old tradition in Moroccan education, and it has found new scenarios and business opportunities in the context of the pandemic. A young Moroccan put on a traditional Moroccan robe and told stories to their online audience every night during the home isolation period.

Some sectors in the country have seen a business boom during the pandemic, such as grain producers and medical equipment suppliers, and some technology companies with a focus on artificial intelligence have also made a profit.

Qu indicated that China and Morocco share the same advantages: they are both producers and capable of increasing financial liquidity and domestic demand - powerful actions for accelerating economic recovery.


Qu Qiang, a researcher of International Monetary Institute, Renmin University of China, puts forward suggestions for promoting economic recovery. [Photo/]

While resuming work and production, it is vital to keep the hard-won results of the fight against the pandemic. The Chinese government has always been vigilant, and has refined the classification of risk levels and restored social order in accordance with the requirements of different risk levels.

"The pandemic will eventually pass, and history will remember that the young generation stood up at this critical moment and worked hard to fight the pandemic and maintain the functioning of society," Kadiga said.

The year 2020 marked the China-Morocco Year of Tourism and Culture. The Moroccan representatives looked forward to the complete victory over the COVID-19 pandemic and expressed a hope that more and more Chinese youth can visit Morocco.