International Call for Anti-Epidemic Stories of Global Youth

Updated: 2020-04-29


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread globally and has aroused great attention from youth and youth organizations around the world. Young people from all over the world have taken action and joined hands to fight against the epidemic.

In the face of the great public health crisis, the international community should jointly research and propose mitigation strategies, and pool wisdom and energy into building a global community with a shared future.

An activity themed on "Youth Action Fighting COVID-19" was launched to collect photos, short videos, texts, songs and other anti-epidemic works from young people around the world. Outstanding items will be displayed on media platforms in various countries.

The activity was co-organized by the All-China Youth Federation (ACYF), the Asian Youth Council, the Youth Department of the Japanese Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai, the Confederation of Young Leaders in India, the Youth Affairs Agency in Russia, the China-Latin America Economy and Politics Research Center, the Youth Association of Economic Community of West African States, and Czech MPMP Media.


  • Individuals and teams:

Individuals must be between 14 and 35 years of age, and the average age of the team must be under 35 (in other words, at least half of the team members are under 35). Young people from all walks of life all over the world can sign up to participate. Youth representatives and young volunteers participating in front-line work are especially welcomed.

  • Colleges and universities:

Original high-quality works submitted by colleges and universities should showcase the team work of teachers and students in the anti-virus fight.

  • Organizations:

Anti-epidemic stories of domestic and overseas employees in government departments, enterprises and institutions, youth organizations and other social organizations are welcomed.


  • Pictures (documentary photos, posters, graffiti, paintings, animation, etc.) with high-definition picture quality; documentary photos shouldn't use multiple exposures, technical synthesis or post-production.

  • Short videos with high-definition picture quality, no logos, resolution ratio 1920x1080, duration within 3 minutes.

  • Text (poems, diaries, stories, etc.), within 2,000 words.

  • Original songs/MV, lyrics and music without copyright violation or plagiarism.


The works should be in both Chinese and English and reflect personal experiences, perceptions, observations, or thoughts, and may make suggestions regarding prevention and control of the epidemic. They may also be a record of relevant stories of people from a unique perspective.


  • From now until the end of May:

All co-sponsors will simultaneously carry out online collection of works in corresponding countries.

  • From the end of May to the end of June:

The co-sponsors will select recommended works and submit them to the joint secretariat composed of representatives of the sponsors.

  • From the end of June to the end of July:

The joint secretariat will invite experts from various countries to vote on the recommended works and then negotiate to determine those most deserving of recognition.


  • The co-sponsor has the right to use and spread the submitted works. When the epidemic is over, the ACYF will hold an international seminar in China, and authors of outstanding works will be invited to participate.

  • Outstanding works will be displayed on the all-media platform of China Youth Daily.

  • The ACYF will promote outstanding works, and conduct special exhibitions via domestic and foreign cooperative media and organizations.