2019 Mitsubishi Electric China Youth Environmental Promotion Activity Launched

Updated: 2019-06-04

Jointly held by the China International Youth Exchange Center (CIYEC) and Japanese electronics manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric Corp., the 2019 Mitsubishi Electric China Youth Environmental Promotion Activity has the themes of "creating a low-carbon society and recycling society", "maintaining public health safety", "biodiversity" and "intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing".

The activity is open to environmental protection projects launched by youth aged 18-45. Young participants will be guided to participate in China's youth environmental public welfare undertakings through the activity, and their environmental awareness and sense of social responsibilities, both helpful in building a harmonious society, will be raised.

I. Schedule

June - July 2019 Collect environmental protection funding projects nationwide

August - September 2019 Preliminary evaluation and presentation

September 2019 Announce the award results

October 11 - 12, 2019 Award ceremony and environmental inspection

November 2019 - March 2020 Follow-up and support activities (including on-site visits) for the award-winning projects

II. Funding Projects

The activity collects environmental protection projects from young people across the country, especially projects and creative ideas in the field of anti-epidemic and health care.

Individuals, teams, enterprises and institutions who are concerned about environmental protection and creativity are welcome to participate.

III. Subsidy

There will be 13 shortlisted projects in this event, and the jury will select one first-class project, two second-class projects, five third-class projects and five creative projects.

For the first-class project: 50,000 yuan (US $7,740) 

For the second-class projects: 20,000 yuan (US $3,096) 

For the third-class projects: 10,000 yuan (US $1,548) 

For the creative projects: 2,000 yuan (US $309.6) 

IV. Requirements

1. Project

The project will respond to national environmental protection policies, fully embody the theme of the activity and take building a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly society as its goal.

It will also reflect the urgent requirements of young people to participate in the construction of an ecological civilization and low-carbon society, and its results are expected to produce positive demonstration effects and have certain sustainability.

The implementation period of the project is half a year.

2. Creativity

In terms of environmental protection, the creativity needs to be original and ideological, reflecting the concepts of ecological civilization, sustainable development and environmental protection.

The content may include creative designs, environmental comics, environmental literature (scripts, novels, poems, essays, songs, etc.), and environmental films (short films, short documentaries, etc.).

V. Application

The activity does not charge any fees. Please send the relevant registration materials to the designated mailbox before July 15, 2019 with subject of "project name + applicant (group)".

Applicants who pass the preliminary review are requested to mail the paper application form in duplicate to the organizing committee office before July 30, 2019.

Young people who love environmental protection are welcome to participate. 

If you have any questions, please contact the organizing committee office.

Contact Persons: He Xue, Wang Zhan

Tel: 010-64640765, 64094653

Fax: 010-64612610

Contact Address: Room 313C, China International Youth Exchange Center, Building B, No. 40 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Zip Code: 100125

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